We want to give you the freedom to try out all the equipment, but we need help in tracking what equipment you took. For that reson we started a colaborative spreadsheet in which you can list the equipment you took home / are using in your project. (Only HUJI accounts can edit that sheet).
Link to sheet

About the sheet & some guidelines:

  • Each unique component has its own column, including its name, brief description and link to a picture of it.
  • One row per student (please add yourself).
  • Insert the amount you took of each component in numbers only.
  • In the Graveyard section write in text (example: 2 x ESP32) all the equipment that you burnt, found malfunctioning, lost, etc… Whatever we can’t use anymore… IMPORTANT: there is no shame in having a big list, honesty is what we are looking for. We are just trying to keep track of all the equipment.
  • Please make sure to immediately update the sheet as you take/return the equipment.
  • No need to list super-fundamental equipment like resistors and cables.

We need your help:

The sheet is not complete and will be expanded during the semester. If there is missing information, please add/fix it. It can be:

  • Missing component column
  • No description
  • No image link